New Features and Updates to FiberLocator

Over the last few months, FiberLocator put a great deal of behind-the-scenes work in stabilizing the platform. In that timeframe, it is a thrill to announce that our original developer has rejoined us! This will allow our dedicated team to place us in a position with more upgrades and enhancements going forward. After carefully listening to our users’ feedback and suggestions, we are excited to share with you several updates and new features to lit building layers.

FiberLocator keeps getting better because of you!

To make sure you’re familiar with the changes, here are highlights and what to expect with the new features, updates, and functionalities.

– What’s New? –

  • Search Bar
    Search by carrier for all data assets in the search bar – lit building and fiber maps. If you would like to see lit buildings from just one carrier or a few different carriers that you choose to work with, you can display only the lit buildings for a specific carrier or a few carriers. Also, looking at the lit buildings for a single carrier now can shed light on where the probable path of their fiber lines run.
New FiberLocator search bar
  • Improved Map Data in View
    You can now search and show (using the eyeball icon) individual lit building layers. This new ability allows you to turn different carriers’ lit buildings on and off, just like you can with fiber lines to narrow your search to a specific carrier or a few carriers you’d like to work with.
Fiber Map Data in View snapshot
  • Highlight Lit Building Layers
    You are still able to see all the lit buildings from every carrier. However, you now have the option to highlight one carrier with the click of a button to see which buildings it is currently in.
Highlighted lit building layers map
  • Identify Multiple Carriers
    You now have the ability to quickly and easily identify lit buildings that have more than one carrier. The icon for multiple carriers will be displayed in a brighter blue and outlined in black.
Multiple carriers snapshot
  • Carrier Info Now Available
    This feature was originally available exclusively for fiber maps, but now, we see value in adding it to lit buildings. Being a fairly new feature, it will take time as we continue to collect and add information for all 700 different lit building carriers.
    What to expect? Logo, marketing information, and sales contacts are now available for lit buildings. You don’t have to leave to find the contact to reach out to at each carrier for additional information like pricing, terms, and speeds – convenience and reliability all at your fingertips!
FiberLocator carrier info popup

– Enhancements –

  • Map Tiles
    Map tiles had been disappearing at certain zoom levels after updates, so we improved stability and speed when creating tiles.
  • CSV Tool
    We allow you to add additional fields when you run a fiber distance report through our csv tool. When no results were being returned on an address or latitude/longitude, the additional fields were being dropped. This has been fixed, so whether the location has results or not, your additional fields will carry over and be displayed to the right of your result columns.
  • Distance Reporting
    Our csv tool/fiber distance report is now able to handle “less than perfect” data. Sometimes you can’t see line breaks or an empty row that our tool detects. We are now able to handle these imperfections, and your file will run successfully instead of failing due to imperfect data.
  • Inconsistent Addresses
    Addresses are problematic because they can be entered so many different ways with abbreviations and variations. We’re happy to report that we’ve resolved the issue of multiple entries being created for the same lit building because of inconsistent addresses.

Want to learn more about the recent updates and how to use the new features to lit building layers? Sign up for a live demo, and let one of our telecom experts show you around.

We are always listening to our users. That’s what helps our fiber mapping tool continue to be effective and great! If you have any additional feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at

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