Webinar Recap, Survey Results, and More!

It was great connecting with our subscribers in September. For a recap of the webinar, and survey results, read our latest blog post!

What Considerations to Make for the 5G Shift

5G networks are on the horizon, but enterprises may need to wait a little longer to take advantage of them. According to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler, three limiting factors need to be addressed before all companies can leverage…

Telecom Talk – What Is FiberLocator?

  Topic: What Is FiberLocator? Guest: Mike Murphy, CEO,  FiberLocator is a web-accessible, GUI-interfaced system that enables network planners to search for fiber assets throughout the country. In this episode of Telecom Talk, we provide a quick overview of what FiberLocator…

Mobile Markets Look to Dark Fiber

There’s an increasingly popular trend in the small cell and wireless backhaul market, one that Zayo continues to benefit from – the use of dark fiber in macrocell deployments. In fact, dark fiber has made up most of the company’s sales…


Could Long-Distance Fiber Become Cost-Effective?

It appears carriers and fiber providers may have the ability to lay fiber over long distances without repeaters in the future. This innovation should translate into lower implementation costs, and the savings could spill over to users. And it’s all…

nhl draft

What Enterprises Can Learn from the NHL Draft

The Edmonton Oilers’s selection of Connor McDavid with the number one overall pick in the NHL Draft was just bound to happen. He’s the “chosen one,” as the hockey media world proclaims. But while he’s the obvious choice, could Jack…

“CFN’s focus from the start has been to improve connectivity and promote competitive broadband for the Central Ohio region. Publishing our asset maps and data in FiberLocator is a critical way we raise visibility for this network and let others…

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