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FiberLocator is a division of NEF, Inc., a leading telecom and colocation professional services firm.

In the case of FiberLocator, the old adage “necessity is the mother of invention” was spot on. NEF was one of the nation’s first high capacity optical fiber professional services firms in 2004. While NEF started representing only a handful of carriers, as the company grew – so did the number of service providers we represented. Soon, the process of sorting and researching the number of maps, carriers, lit buildings, and data centers became unruly and onerous. And, frankly, we were sick of using search engines and waiting on carriers to call us back to confirm whether they had a network presence at a location. We figured there had to be a better way to find the information we needed to plan and procure networks. There wasn’t…so, we built it. And with that, FiberLocator was born.

NEF developed FiberLocator, what has become one of the most comprehensive asset-based telecommunications databases in the industry, because there had to be a faster, easier and more complete way of researching telecom and colocation options for clients needing to procure and deploy high cap networks. Fast forward to present day, and FiberLocator has grown to encompass hundreds of carriers, thousands of data centers, and hundreds of thousands of lit buildings across the US.

At the heart of FiberLocator is a comprehensive telecom, colocation and lit building database whose data can be accessed in single servings with a snapshot, in ongoing research with the online application, in customized report deliverables and also via API (application programming interface). We’ve not only grown the product suite, but we’ve continually worked to add and update the very data that professionals have to come rely on. What’s more, we listen and learn daily from our users to know what features to add, what data sets they require, and how our solutions can evolve to serve our user community.

Today, FiberLocator is an invaluable resource guide for developing a custom fiber network, planning data center sites, locating on-net buildings and more. Whether you’re a carrier, enterprise, agent, commercial real estate broker or other professional, you can get maps and data, along with consulting and procurement, to help you maximize your communications ROI. And because NEF is carrier-neutral, our primary goal is to help you identify and develop the optimal fiber network.

We know where the networks are buried and data centers are located, and with FiberLocator, NEF can give you the most complete and up-to-date information on telecom and data centers. Contact us to add any of FiberLocator solutions to your arsenal today.

I don’t know how I lived without FiberLocator.  Between the lit building lists and the fiber maps, I can see everything I need to see very quickly, and I use it every day.  I can’t imagine not using it now,…

John-Paul Court,
Fusion Networks
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