FiberLocator Online

Are you searching for an online fiber map? The FiberLocator online application gives you on-demand access to telecom network information: fiber optic network maps and even specific data center and on-net building information.

Whether you’re in network planning, procurement or a related function such as commercial real estate or business intelligence — researching telecom information becomes much faster, simpler, more accurate and more complete with FiberLocator Online.  Built by network planners and procurement specialists, FiberLocator greatly streamlines your workflow and saves considerable time and resources in the search for fiber optic maps, lit buildings and data centers.

A Complete Toolbox


Smart Search Capabilities

Our advanced search bar allows you to search for all data assets – lit building and fiber maps. From the moment you login, you can search addresses, cities, states, regions and even landmarks in the simple search box. You will also have the capability to see lit buildings from just one carrier or a few different carriers that you choose to work with. If you’d rather just start searching the map directly by clicking and using the zoom tools, you can do that too. When you use the search bar, FiberLocator will place a pushpin to mark the location you’ve specified, and the pushpin will remain in your session until you decide to clear your markers.





Street Level Detail

Street map levelSee metro fiber routes, long-haul networks, data centers, lit buildings and more down to the street level. You can zoom in and out of any map view in FiberLocator to see whatever detail level you need. Zoom in to see individual on-net or near-net buildings or zoom out to see long-haul routes between metro areas. You choose what data to include onscreen and the zoom level that shows your areas of interest.




Highlight Lit Buildings

The power in seeing every lit building from every carrier all at your fingertips with the option to highlight one carrier with the click of a button to see which buildings it is currently in.




Multiple Carriers

map of multiple carriersQuickly and easily identify lit buildings that have more than one carrier. The icon for multiple carriers will be displayed in a brighter blue and outlined in black.







Layered Data to Customize Views

Toggle different data layers on or off to get that perfect view. Choose from long-haul fiber networks, metro networks, lit buildings, data centers and more. You can even control the layer display down to a specific carrier or set of carriers. That means you include or exclude any provider from your search with just a click.




Integrate your Data with FiberLocator

One of the newest features we’ve added to FiberLocator is the ability to upload your own data into the database under the “Proprietary Layers” section.  You can upload any of your own line or point data into the tool including sold circuits, shadow conduit, cell towers, lit building information, and more.  This information remains private and viewable only to your account.  Save time by only using one system to house all of your network and telecommunications infrastructure information.






Request Provider Quotes from the App

Request network pricing v 3FiberLocator subscribers can request and evaluate pricing options straight from the FiberLocator interface. Once you submit a price request through FiberLocator, an experienced consultant from our partner companies will work with carriers to get multiple quotes with the best pricing options.




X-Ray Vision into Networks & Buildings

Popup window to identify lit buildings and carrier infoOne of the most powerful functions of FiberLocator is the ability to see which carriers light a certain building or data center and which may have fiber in the street nearby. FiberLocator also reports on PoPs and carrier hotels. Just click on a building or data center icon and immediately see who has fiber in that location.




Carrier Info

Carrier Info windowIn addition to fiber maps, the convenience of having carrier information is made available with their logos, marketing details and, sales contacts.




Radius Tool

Radius toolOften times, getting data surrounding a single reference point is helpful when selecting carriers that are near-net but not on-net to a certain building or location. FiberLocator can find all networks, buildings, landmarks and more within a specified radius overlay on the existing map view.





Point-to-Point Distance Measurement

point-to-point distance measureAre you connecting to a network? Need to estimate your shortest feasible path to an interconnect point? FiberLocator measures fiber distances and spans between points and networks. Click along a route, with as many directions changes as you’d like, and get your distance in feet or miles.




Export Your Results

print optionsYou can print maps including the carrier legend or save your sessions for later analysis in FiberLocator. You can even upload your own logo or graphic header to the map to insert in a report or power point presentation.





Map Data in View

Having trouble sorting through carriers in a saturated metro area? No problem.  Open up your “Map Data in View” to automatically filter carriers and providers to only those contained in your current map view.

You can also search and show each carrier’s lit buildings on and off using the eyeball icon just like fiber map layers.






Batch Searches

FiberLocator’s CSV batch processing tool allows you to run a batch report for up to 200 addresses or latitude/longitude coordinates at a time. If your data needs require carrier information for multiple locations, the CSV Batch Upload feature provides that information in a fiber distance report.

“At Global Communication Networks, knowledge and strategy is key when doing projects for the worlds largest companies. FiberLocator has been the best tool we have to show us where the On Net and “Close Net” fiber is. We have won…

Chris Palermo, President and CEO
Global Communication Networks
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