What Considerations to Make for the 5G Shift


5G networks are on the horizon, but enterprises may need to wait a little longer to take advantage of them. According to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler, three limiting factors need to be addressed before all companies can leverage the full value of 5G.

What Factors Are Delaying 5G?

  1. Wireless connections are too slow
  2. Latency is too high
  3. Spectrum capacity is too small

These factors may delay the overall rollout of 5G, but that hasn’t stopped many carriers and service providers from preparing for its impact. Carriers across the globe have already announced 5G trials, including four major companies in the U.S. In Europe, a number of major carriers have formed a consortium in order to optimize their 5G preparations.

Many carriers have enhanced their preparations by investing in small cells. These femto, pico, micro and metro cell technologies help provide users additional capacities to leverage their bandwidth-intensive solutions. However, experts say that small cells require enhanced backhaul capabilities in order to be effective. This requirement forces providers to make key considerations should they choose to invest in small cell technologies.

What to Consider When Investing in Small Cells

  • User experience

What levels of speed and capacity do businesses need to meet short- and long-term requirements?

  • Time to market

Will small cell deployment timelines meet business goals?

  • Total cost of ownership

How does the TOC of fiber compare with that of other backhaul options?

  • Installation & design

How can we simplify the installation process while also keeping labor costs down?

Read the full article from RCR Wireless to learn other ways you can ready your company and customers for the launch of 5G.

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