Webinar Recap, Survey Results, and More!

Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to participate in our customer survey and attend the FiberLocator: Tips and Tricks webinar in September! We had a great time connecting with our members and gaining insight to your thoughts on the FiberLocator Online platform.

FiberLocator: Tips and Tricks Recap

Over 50 of our wonderful members attended the webinar on September 25! If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend, we welcome you to watch the replay here.

In addition to talking about our newest features, we also talked about some of the tools within FiberLocator that we consider to be hidden gems. Experienced and new members alike will want to learn more about these awesome features to help make the most of their FiberLocator experience!

We also debuted our new infographic, Light Up Professional Football! For this, we ran a custom report to pull the number of lit buildings located within the latitude and longitude coordinates of cities around the USA that are home to a professional football team. Download the infographic here, and see how many lit buildings are in your favorite team’s city! Or, if you’re looking for data on another city, request a custom report, and let us find the fiber data you’re looking for.

Insights from the Customer Survey 

Now that the survey results are in, we wanted to share some of our findings with you.   

We asked our subscribers why they most often use FiberLocator. The most common answer was to use the platform to research fiber. Many of you also use the tool to look at diversity and check on-net buildings. View all the results in the graphic below.

Frequency of use for FiberLocator features made up a couple of our questions as well.  Lit Building Carriers in View is a clear favorite, as well as the Highlight Fiber feature.

However, many of you do not use the Print Function, International Data or the Submarine Cables and Landing Stations very often, and some of you do not use these features at all. If you’d like to share with us why you do not use these features-or have suggestions for other features we could add, we’d love to hear from you!

The FiberLocator Team was also pleasantly surprised to see that a majority of our subscribers are logging into FiberLocator Online at least once per week and are spending up to 30 minutes in the tool at a time.

In looking at some of your open-ended responses, we noticed quite a few trends in what our subscriber’s goals are, and how FiberLocator aids in achieving those goals. So…we put everything together in a Word Cloud! Take a look at some of the common themes:

Many of you use our services to help compare carriers, find diversity, and for pricing/quote purposes. It’s amazing to know that FiberLocator can be used for so many purposes.

The three winners of our gift card promotion have been notified via email. Thank you to all who contributed and shared your feedback-we always appreciate hearing from our members and learning how we can make FiberLocator Online even better!

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