Last Update Date and Contact Information for Fiber Maps Appearing Now in FiberLocator Online

As you may know, the FiberLocator team is always looking for new ways to improve FiberLocator. Many of our users have been asking for the ability to see more information and details about our fiber maps within the FiberLocator Online platform. We have been working to implement these changes and they just recently went live!

FiberLocator subscribers now can see the date of the most recent update of individual carriers’ fiber maps within the FiberLocator Online tool, in addition to newly added sales contact information. There are two ways to access this information.

When you have Metro Networks and/or Long Haul Networks turned on, the maps that are visible on your screen appear in the Map Data in View in your My Workspace panel. If they are underlined, this indicates it is a link to pop open the carrier information. Simply click on the underlined name of the carrier you wish to view.

The other way to see the carrier information is by clicking on a fiber line that is currently appearing on your map. Simply click anywhere on the fiber line of a carrier.  A small box will pop open with the names of the Fiber Provider(s) in the Street.

Again, you can simply click on the underlined carrier name that you wish to see information about.

The last update date for individual carrier fiber maps are available all the way back to July 2017 when FiberLocator was acquired by CCMI.

We’ve also added contact information to select carriers where available. When you click to open the carrier information overview, you will be able to see the contact information for a sales representative at that company, including name, phone number and email address. We’re making it that much easier for you to reach out to the proper contact and implement the fiber solutions you need!

What do you think of these changes? Do you have any other suggestions for us? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what data and information you’d like to see offered in FiberLocator.

If you’re a FiberLocator member – log in and see the changes for yourself! If you’re not – request a free trial today!

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