Custom Reports

At FiberLocator, customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and if FiberLocator Online, snapshots, or our API isn’t the right solution for you, we offer custom reports tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it’s for a one-time-only project or on a regular update schedule, FiberLocator will meet your needs.

We offer a fiber distance report on any number of addresses. When you submit the addresses, we run your custom report and return it back to you with all the detailed information. 

For example: 

fiber maps distance reporting

  • If the building is lit with fiber, we tell you the carriers in that location.
  • You get the five closest fiber carriers with their distance away in feet.
  • View the data against metro maps, long-haul maps, or both.


Fiber Maps Tailored to Your Specific Areas

We also create custom maps for specific areas. Perhaps you only want to see the fiber lines within a state or a county. FiberLocator can modify your map to highlight only what you want to see and then include a legend of the lit building and fiber map carriers.

FiberLocator custom reports snapshot

If you are looking for information about the fiber maps and lit buildings, we are confident that FiberLocator can provide you with the right solution for your project needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom reports and unlock the power of our data.


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