FiberLocator is the most trusted telecom network, data center and lit building online database. That makes it a perfect research and quoting tool for telecom agents who need to know what carriers are accessible to a potential client and need competitive service quotes fast. But it’s not just for telecom professionals.  FiberLocator is used in a wide variety of industries by all kinds of professionals needing quick access to high quality telecommunications information.




Network planners, solution architects, business intelligence analysts and other enterprise professionals use FiberLocator to select high capacity fiber networks, compare providers and find options such as low cost and diverse carriers.

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Telecom Carriers

FiberLocator gives carriers direct access to network information for procurement, identify areas for network growth, validate networks and more; all from a single source.

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Data Centers

Data Center developers and operators can access network maps, available carrier services, and even non-standard providers (such as utility companies) through a variety of options within FiberLocator.

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Commercial Real Estate

Brokers, planners, developers and more use FiberLocator to understand the network options associated with an area or specific address. See all the ways FiberLocator is used for real estate.

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Consultants & Agents

FiberLocator’s data and provider relationships, save you time, increase accuracy, and most importantly, leverage our long-standing agreements with carriers to get you faster quotes and preferred pricing.

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Wireless Providers

Wireless backhaul providers need access to the latest and most comprehensive fiber optic network intelligence and maps. FiberLocator is simply the smartest, fastest way to acquire FTTT information.

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I don’t know how I lived without FiberLocator.  Between the lit building lists and the fiber maps, I can see everything I need to see very quickly, and I use it every day.  I can’t imagine not using it now,…

John-Paul Court,
Fusion Networks
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