FiberLocator Enterprise Accounts

FiberLocator Enterprise subscriptions give larger organizations the pricing, flexibility and support needed for bigger user groups. Designed to accommodate research groups, sales teams and other multi-user scenarios, the FiberLocator Enterprise package offers the same rich features of FiberLocator Online for organizations needing more than 15 user seat licenses for the online application.

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Get Full Teams Running on FiberLocator

Flexible Licenses

The FiberLocator Enterprise package includes a bulk license for 15 or more users for one low subscription price. This license structure gives large organizations the flexibility to add or remove users yet keep costs predictable. Plus, FiberLocator Enterprise rate pricing offers significant savings over standard per user pricing on 1 year subscriptions.

Dedicated Support

Customers enjoy a dedicated team for technical and usage support. Just call to connect with a FiberLocator specialist located alongside the rest of the FiberLocator team so you’re never transferred to a call center.

Onboarding & Training

A FiberLocator specialist will be assigned to your account to train your user group(s) on the rich feature set of the FiberLocator Online application as well as specific use cases important to your team. Whether you are a real estate group looking to enhance your services value with lit building information, a data center planner looking for connectivity options, a corporation looking to source telecom and data center infrastructure, or any of the other common users of FiberLocator, our training can be customized to your needs.

“Using the FiberLocator application has now become an integral part of our network design process and has been a key resource we use to quickly identify existing metro dark fiber. Beyond the point of identification, their fiber brokerage services team…

Vince Aragona, Engineering & Network Implementation
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