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A look at the FiberLocator acquisition

It’s a new era here at FiberLocator! As you may have heard, FiberLocator was acquired in July by CCMI. CCMI remains in partnership with NEF, FiberLocator’s original parent company, though FiberLocator’s staff have joined CCMI and CCMI has taken on all product development and operations.

Located in Gaithersburg, Md., the new parent company is part of the Simplify Compliance team and has a rich history as a leading provider of telecom data and information. CCMI is a great fit for FiberLocator’s unique product and hopes to cater the fiber mapping software to even more to customers’ needs and preferences. If you have any suggestions for improvements, you can always contact support@www.fiberlocator.com.

Learn even more about the acquisition here and here, and check out CCMI.com for more insights into products and resources.

To shine some light on the recent sale, CCMI’s Michael Yokay recently sat down with NEF’s Brian Fonfara and Mike Murphy as part of the NEF team’s podcast. The episode goes in-depth on reasons for the sale to CCMI, as well as what the future of the partnership looks like for the two companies. Check out the full podcast below:

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