Feature Spotlight: Lit Buildings in FiberLocator

In addition to showing you fiber lines, FiberLocator enables you to search and map lit building and data center locations as well. With the click of a button, you can see the physical location of “on-net” buildings and the carriers that currently connect to the building. This intel is also available for data centers and colocation facilities. These features are located on the left-hand side of the screen in the “Layers” drop-down and are under the heading “Buildings and Data Centers.”


Click on the box to the left of this category to turn on lit buildings and data centers.


Click the “+” sign to left of the heading to expand the list and turn on one data set or the other.


Lit buildings appear as blue icons on the map view and data centers appear as green icons.

Once you have complete a search and are in the desired map view with your layers turned on, you can find information for the on-net building or data center by selecting the “info” icon in the map navigation.


With the info tool selected, you can click on a building, and a box containing the address and carriers in the building will appear on the screen.


Once this location information appears, you have options. You can click on the purple “Validate” button to request research on the carriers within the building. You can also click on the orange arrow button next to the carrier name to see a description of the provider. Or, you can click on the green button to “Request Pricing” to get a rapid response quote from FiberLocator. We can compile a quote for a single location or multiple locations for you as a part of our professional services offerings. (Did you know we do that too!?)


Currently, FiberLocator has 230,000 on-net carrier locations, and we’re growing each day. An important part of our data accuracy and growth is your suggestions. Do you see a building that should list more providers? Let us know. Is there a building that you know is lit by a carrier that we don’t show on the map? Tell us about that too!

Whether you have information on one building or you’re a carrier with thousands of on-net locations you want to display, we want to hear from you. Upload your maps and lit building list to FiberLocator in minutes using our quick and easy form – or make suggestions using the feedback tools.

Learn more about the lit building and data center tools in FiberLocator by scheduling a demo today.

I don’t know how I lived without FiberLocator.  Between the lit building lists and the fiber maps, I can see everything I need to see very quickly, and I use it every day.  I can’t imagine not using it now,…

John-Paul Court,
Fusion Networks
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