API Frequently Asked Questions

The FiberLocator API enables you to integrate the industry's most current fiber and colocation infrastructure data with your own internal systems to leverage powerful intelligence in your network and data center planning efforts.

What is the FiberLocator API and what type of content is accessible?

FiberLocator offers an application programming interface that gives you access to our database of carriers,  carrier lit building locations and data centers. We created our API services so that client companies can augment their own systems and analyses with our unique data sets. The FiberLocator API enables you to custom integrate continually updated fiber and colocation infrastructure information without storing the data or having to utilize the FiberLocator Online interface.

Talk with us about your project and specific requirements to find out how our data and your system can create a winning formula.

What are the specifications and what type of API?

We use a RESTful API. You can import FiberLocator data directly into almost any GIS based application or enterprise system.

How long does it take to get up and running?

All it takes to get up and running is a FiberLocator account and valid API token. Set up can be done usually same day upon receiving your subscription order.

How do I get started?

Submit a request and a solutions specialist will be in touch with you.

“At Global Communication Networks, knowledge and strategy is key when doing projects for the worlds largest companies. FiberLocator has been the best tool we have to show us where the On Net and “Close Net” fiber is. We have won…

Chris Palermo, President and CEO
Global Communication Networks
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