We’re Growing Again – Meet Julie Vairo

Welcome Aboard!

Julie-VairoThere’s a new face at FiberLocator — and her name is Julie Vairo. Julie joins the team as the new maps specialist and account manager for FiberLocator. Her focus is on providing legendary client support for FiberLocator as well as streamlining the onboarding and training process for new FLO users. She is always available for live demos/training sessions and can help users navigate single snapshot sessions, which generate a map showing fiber, lit building and data center presence in a desired area of the continental U.S.

As your Account Manager, Julie will answer questions relating to the data sets and the online tool as well as facilitate conversations between users and our professional services team on researching and quoting new telecom and colocation projects. Julie will be contacting all users in the coming weeks to ensure clients are educated, knowledgeable and familiar with FiberLocator’s new features as well as the array of solutions that we can provide. We’re excited to have Julie on board to give our users a proactive resource for their needs and requests.

Julie may be reached by phone, e-mail and chat to help with any questions. The chat feature is available on www.fiberlocator.com and is simple to use: click on the chat bar at the bottom right-hand side of the screen and a text box will open.

Please welcome Julie to the team and give her a shout if you have any questions or requests!

FiberLocator is a required tool for anyone selling fiber at a national level.  If you are not using FiberLocator today, you are doing your clients a disservice by only providing them with partial options.  The team at Broadband Consultants uses…

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