FiberLocator® Offers Enterprise License

Online Subscription Designed for Businesses with Ten or More Users


NEWTON, Mass. (March 7, 2012) – FiberLocator Online, the centralized, searchable fiber network research database, is now offering a cost-effective Enterprise License option for businesses with sizable user populations. The FiberLocator Online mapping application began as a tool for individual users but has quickly grown into an invaluable tool for larger organizations for improving the efficiency and accuracy in the fiber network planning process.

FiberLocator Online’s enterprise licenses are based on multiple sessions running simultaneously, rather than unique user accounts, which help companies to avoid the impractical single-seat model. With simultaneous sessions, an enterprise is able to offer wider opportunity for more users to have access to the platform and realize much better value and adoption across its network planning efforts.

“FiberLocator Online is becoming the resource of choice for many in network planning because it gives them access to all the maps and data they need in one place,” said Steve McCarthy, co-creator of FiberLocator. “The larger the organization, the benefits like time savings, data accuracy and access to carrier-neutral information multiply to produce a measurable ROI.”

With FiberLocator Online, enterprise organizations can search, locate and identify fiber network and colo intelligence down to street level detail on nearly 200 network providers, 1600+ data centers and 150,000 lit buildings all across the US. With the innovative tool set in FiberLocator, enterprise users can view maps and information on networks down to specific addresses/building locations and utilize numerous intuitive features within the application including radius and measurement tools, dynamic legend and layer controls, map print functions and more.

Previously, customers could purchase one, three, five, or 10 user licenses. The introduction of the Enterprise License program now accommodates companies that require more than 10 subscribers. For one flat monthly rate, enterprises can designate between 11 and 200 prospective users, and any 10 users can access the FiberLocator Online platform simultaneously.

McCarthy continued, “The simultaneous session concept is a great option for a larger company that wants to give access to FiberLocator Online to as many employees as possible without unnecessary costs. Most of the time, there isn’t a need for more than a few users to access the system all at once, but it’s smart to have adequate access if the situation ever presented itself.”

To schedule an interactive demo of FiberLocator Online or learn more about individual access or enterprise licenses, contact FiberLocator today at 888-275-2264 x5027.

About FiberLocator Online

FiberLocator Online is a unique, searchable telecom application mapping thousands of “lit” buildings, data centers and street-level facilities based carrier networks in the US. FiberLocator continues to grow as one of the most trusted central repositories of telecommunications infrastructure maps and intelligence as well as a source for consulting and network verifications. For more information, visit

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