FiberLocator® Adds Validation and Quote Request Features to Online Fiber Mapping Application

Online Subscribers are now able to take advantage of two-click third-party validation and pricing


NEWTON, Mass. (May 4, 2012) – FiberLocator Online, the centralized, searchable fiber network research database, has added critical new workflow-optimization features to the user interface. In addition to displaying key telecommunications data and research such as fiber maps, lit buildings and data center locations, FiberLocator Online now offers two other important information resources to users: two-click Quote Requests and Validation Requests. With these new features, FiberLocator Online enables users to seamlessly integrate time-intensive activities such as pricing requests and third-party network validations into the telecom research and procurement workflow.

The latest release of FiberLocator Online, which launches today, gives users the ability to send pricing requests based on a fiber route or carrier at a specific location. Users can also request to have the fiber experts validate the fiber and network data they are seeing in FiberLocator Online. The three available report options for validation requests are connectivity reports, feasibility studies and data center site surveys. Connectivity Reports highlight area and location-specific infrastructure options and deliver research and field level data. Both feasibility studies and data center site surveys involve similar information and also include competitive analysis, recommendations and pricing. Custom validation projects are also available depending on client requirements.

Both the Quote Request and Validation Request features were added to FiberLocator Online based on user feedback with the goal of simplifying and streamlining the processes used by FiberLocator subscribers.

“The biggest benefit we hear from our users is what a time savings tool FiberLocator is. Research and information gathering tasks that used to take our typical user days and several phone calls and emails to complete, now just takes them a few minutes in FiberLocator,” says Steve McCarthy, co-creator of FiberLocator.

“By integrating the pricing and validation request features into FiberLocator, it maximizes our users’ efficiency and keeps key functions like quote requests and network validations closely aligned with their workflow,” McCarthy continued.  “Any time we can remove extra steps for our customers’ to-do lists and help them make their jobs easier and faster, we’re creating tremendous value.”

With FiberLocator Online, network planners, commercial real estate professionals and myriad related telecom and IT professionals  can search and pinpoint fiber network and colo intelligence down to street level. FiberLocator provides detailed maps on nearly 200 network providers, 1600+ data centers and 150,000 lit buildings all across the US.  Subscribers can view maps and information on networks at specific addresses/building locations and utilize numerous intuitive features within the application including radius and measurement tools, dynamic legend and layer controls, map print functions and more.

To schedule an interactive demo of FiberLocator Online or learn more about individual access or enterprise licenses, contact us today at 888-275-2264.

About FiberLocator Online

FiberLocator Online is a unique, searchable telecom application mapping thousands of “lit” buildings, data centers and street-level facilities based carrier networks in the US. FiberLocator is one of the nation’s top telecommunications consulting and procurement firms. FiberLocator continues to grow as one of the most trusted central repositories of telecommunications infrastructure maps and intelligence as well as a source for consulting and network verifications. For more information, visit

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