FiberLocator Offers API Access to Telecom GIS Data

Did you know we make our comprehensive data sets available via an application programming interface (API)? You asked for it and we delivered. The expansion of the FiberLocator product set to include an API option was widely requested by users and developers ranging from large enterprises to consultants to carriers. The FiberLocator API enables developers to access and integrate the unique and comprehensive data of FiberLocator with existing applications or utilize the data to create new applications. FiberLocator data includes millions of fiber miles representing over 300 carriers; more than 300,000 “on-net” or “lit” buildings; and roughly 3,000 data center locations. The data in FiberLocator covers the US and is continually refreshed to add new carrier data with updates published every week.

Fueling the drive to open up access to the fast-growing telecom/data center database was the fact that many companies utilize commercial software or their own proprietary in-house systems for network planning, data analysis, BI functions and even customer relationship management (CRM). Those platforms, combined with the telecommunications and data center GIS data that FiberLocator provides, give companies the ability to work much more efficiently and effectively than maintaining separate systems.

By integrating the key FiberLocator data sets into your existing platforms, you gain the ability to significantly streamline your workflow and greatly increase the volume of data that can be analyzed and acted upon by your team. Furthermore, with the FiberLocator data overlaid with your existing data, you can make informed decisions and invest your resources much more wisely.

The FiberLocator API puts the power of the data in whatever form is most useful to you. It has been amazing for us to see the variety of businesses that have requested our data and the innovative ways they intend to use the FiberLocator data to improve their business.

The FiberLocator API offering includes customized set-up and collaboration with your developer resources to deliver the data according to your business goals and system requirements. You also have access to the developer tool kit and documentation as well as post-install technical support to ensure seamless integration.

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“CFN’s focus from the start has been to improve connectivity and promote competitive broadband for the Central Ohio region. Publishing our asset maps and data in FiberLocator is a critical way we raise visibility for this network and let others…

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