Columbus FiberNet Extends Their Reach through FiberLocator

CFN Adds Its Central Ohio Network Maps & Building Data to the Growing FiberLocator Database

NEWTON, Mass. (Dec. 2, 2011) – FiberLocator announced today that Columbus FiberNet (CFN) has added its mapping data, including high bandwidth network locations and building intel, to the FiberLocator database. CFN joins over 200 other facilities-based carriers and Type 2 providers in publishing their data in the rapidly growing FiberLocator, the hub for high capacity optical network maps, “lit” buildings and data center locations.

The Columbus-based duct system was built with carriers’ needs and scalability in mind. CFN’s 70-mile ring touches nearly two dozen central offices and points of presence and includes 20 innerducts that are 1 ½ inches in diameter. The ducts can accommodate up to a 432 strand fiber cable and boasts three (3) manholes per 600 feet, ideal for enabling providers access to their facilities.

“CFN’s focus from the start has been to improve connectivity and promote competitive broadband for the Central Ohio region,” said Ian Smith, General Manager of Columbus FiberNet. “Publishing our asset maps and data in FiberLocator is just one more way we can raise visibility for this network and let others know that they have an ideal network option in and around Columbus.”

Smith also commented that as the community of Columbus and the Central Ohio region work to attract technology businesses and bandwidth intensive organizations, it is imperative that they demonstrate adequate telecommunications infrastructure to meet the needs of the telecom dependent companies.

“FiberLocator is a great place for Columbus FiberNet to raise awareness about their unique duct system, especially among the carrier community,” commented Steve McCarthy, chief architect of FiberLocator creators of FiberLocator. “Every day network planners, investors, commercial real estate professionals and consultants use FiberLocator to make significant network and data center decisions. With CFN having a presence in FiberLocator, they’re able to get on the radar of decision makers early on in the planning process and see the benefits of being more findable.”

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