Now More Numeric Pushpins

You’ve been able to add multiple locations for some time now — but tracking only nine locations just wasn’t enough! Now you can track up to 20 distinct locations with numeric pushpins in FiberLocator Online.

To use this feature, you can simply input up to 20 locations in the address search bar across the top of FiberLocator Online (in the main header area). Each pushpin appears with a number from 1-20 and carries the number in the order in which it was searched.

This numeric pushpin feature applies to searches made in the same session. Markers will be automatically cleared if you logout and do not save your session.

Remember, at any time you can clear your markers clicking on the word “Clear” in the main tool bar and selecting “Markers” from the drop-down list.

“OK. I’m addicted to your tool. It’s great. Is it perfect? No. However, I don’t know how others do their job without it. I just wanted to thank you and your team. I sincerely appreciate it. Have a great holiday…

Rob Butler,
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