Carrier Zoom View- New Feature!

You already know that FiberLocator Online can show you details on a fiber network down to street level, and you know you can “zoom to max extent” which shows you the entire United States. With the new Carrier Zoom View feature, now you also get the benefit of using FiberLocator Online to visualize and better understand a carrier’s footprint in the context of a metro area or entire region.

Here’s how it works: in the layer tree, select the single carrier whose network footprint you wish to see. Then right click on a carrier’s name in the layer tree (NOT the dynamic legend), and the map will zoom to the proper extent so that you can see the entire network area for that one carrier.

This feature is somewhat like the network highlighting feature on a very high level to give users an idea of the service area of a carrier. If the carrier has a nationwide presence, this feature will cause the map to zoom out to show the entire US.

Which features would you like to see in FiberLocator? Tell us what you think and you could win! If we add your suggested feature to FiberLocator Online, you will receive a $100 gift card! If multiple users have the same brilliant idea, you ALL win! It pays to share your opinions!

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Michael Siteman, Commercial Real Estate Professional
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