Number Your World: FiberLocator System Update

Make sure to log into FiberLocator to check out the latest updates! This week’s platform update brings back an old favorite feature, and introduces what will hopefully become a new favorite as well.

First, back in with the old: we have reintroduced the ability to store your password in the login screen of FiberLocator. The password will be stored in your browser for 60 days for security purposes. Users will be prompted to manually reenter their password once every two months.

Next, number your world: The newest addition to FiberLocator will be helpful when plotting more than one location. When multiple addresses are entered during the same user session, the markers will be numbered in the order that the addresses are entered into FiberLocator.

Fiber Map

These changes are intended to make it easier to distinguish within multiple points on one map. There is a maximum of nine numbered markers on a map at one time, but in the case that there are more than nine points, there is an integrated feature in which users manually select which existing markers to remove in order to make room for the new markers. Points can be individually removed by right clicking on them and deleting and they automatically renumber.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make FiberLocator better? Are there features that you’d like to see? We welcome all feedback and use it to improve your experience as a FiberLocator subscriber – let us know what you think!


“Using the FiberLocator application has now become an integral part of our network design process and has been a key resource we use to quickly identify existing metro dark fiber. Beyond the point of identification, their fiber brokerage services team…

Vince Aragona, Engineering & Network Implementation
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