Level 3 Considering Strategic Options


Changes may be afoot at Level 3. The Tier 1 network provider is said to be considering some strategic alternatives for the company’s future. While the talk is as yet unconfirmed, Comcast is said to be one of the top suitors for the Colorado-based service provider’s network.

We’ve seen plenty of mergers and acquisitions over the past year or so, including the Time Warner Cable – Charter Communications deal. Level 3 wouldn’t be the largest provider to be sold off, but a Comcast acquisition would change the telecom landscape quite a bit. Consolidation can affect route availability, diversity and pricing for network planners.

It’s not yet known if Level 3 will pursue an outright sale or consider other alternatives. It’s possible they’ll look at buying back some stock instead. Whatever Level 3 decides to do, FiberLocator will be working to keep its telecom database up-to-date with correct data sets.

How FiberLocator Updates Data Sets

We previously described how M&A affects available data after Lightower’s acquisition of Fibertech, but here’s a quick refresher on how the FiberLocator data team updates and labels network information after a merger or acquisition:

  • Pending mergers do not affect the FiberLocator database
  • Up to six months after an acquisition, the company making the purchase is put in parentheses next to the acquired company. For example, “Fibertech (Lightower)”
  • After six months, we generally receive an updated, merged map directly from the carrier and label all network assets in the name of the company making the purchase. For example, “Lightower”.

The FiberLocator data team is always working to ensure you have the best, most accurate telecom database for your research. Know of any service providers, lit buildings or data centers you’d like to see in FiberLocator. Message our data team today.

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