FiberLocator Keeps Up With Rising Bandwidth Availability

In case you haven’t heard, commercial bandwidth availability is on the rise. According to Vertical Systems Group, business fiber penetration climbed from 10.9% in 2004 to 42.5% in 2014. For FiberLocator, that means we’re always keeping our eyes out for new lit buildings and carrier records.

Thanks to the providers we work with and our user base, the FiberLocator team has the privilege of announcing a huge lit building update. During the month of April, we added 36,293 unique lit addresses and 38,774 carrier records, pushing our totals to 299,052 lit addresses and 363,289 carrier records. We have added the following carriers to our database:

New Carriers

  • Allied Fiber
  • Bayring Fiber
  • Finger Lakes
  • GWI
  • Massive Networks
  • NTS Communications
  • WOW! Business

Not only are we always looking to expand our database with new carriers, but we’re always updating and verifying current carrier lit buildings. That way, our users have their finger on the always-evolving fiber landscape.

Updated Carriers

  • AT&T – partial business fiber building list
  • Cogent
  • Fiberlight
  • Oxford Networks
  • Syringa

But the latest update is always just another day away for FiberLocator – we’re always looking to expand our database! Over 299,000 lit buildings and 363,000 carrier records is just the beginning. Please reach out to Karen Wiens if you know of a carrier or lit building that’s not listed in FiberLocator.

“Using the FiberLocator application has now become an integral part of our network design process and has been a key resource we use to quickly identify existing metro dark fiber. Beyond the point of identification, their fiber brokerage services team…

Vince Aragona, Engineering & Network Implementation
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