FiberLocator – A Look Ahead

The industry has seen a flurry of activity in the past six months – and FiberLocator is no exception. NEF is making FiberLocator even better by making sizable investments in the product, development, user experience, and the support and professional services teams. In fact, you’ve recently gotten a note from Jaime Mahoney introducing herself and letting you know that she’s available for any support or product questions you may have. But that’s not all she does – Jaime is also available to help FiberLocator users toward their desired results by connecting them with the NEF professional services team for telecom research, consulting or procurement projects. 

Apart from the new investments in FiberLocator’s product, support and professional service teams, we’ve also had more additions – 271 one of them, to be exact! Thanks to the tireless efforts of the FiberLocator data team, 271 data sets (with more on the way!) from unique fiber providers have been added to our database, widening even the access that our clients have to the telecom and colo data they need to meet their project goals even more.

But as we review and applaud all the great things FiberLocator has accomplished in the last several months, we can’t forget about what lies ahead – and not just what, but where. Namely, two of the biggest industry events of the year, both located in fantastic Las Vegas – the Channel Partners Conference & Expo and ITEXPO Las Vegas. The 2015 Channel Partners Conference & Expo is where big IT ideas, solutions and outcomes get activated. Solutions providers from all over the country will gather to discuss and discover new ways of meeting their clients’ needs while extending profit. At ITEXPO Las Vegas, IT, telecom and business technology professionals have the chance to use educational programs, presentations and networking opportunities as basis for improving the way the world communicates.

With new investments in our people and software and a growing collection of fiber provider data sets, the future looks bright for FiberLocator as we start to consider the ideas, education and advancements that will continue to allow us to be a driving force in the data transport and data center space.

“Using the FiberLocator application has now become an integral part of our network design process and has been a key resource we use to quickly identify existing metro dark fiber. Beyond the point of identification, their fiber brokerage services team…

Vince Aragona, Engineering & Network Implementation
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