Hybrid IT: Why Many Are Making the Switch

Companies are turning to Hybrid IT deployments to reduce costs, gain scalability and boost performance. This is having a transformative effect on IT, changing it from a giant, dark room filled with locked-in-place servers to an agile business weapon. These benefits are all made possible with the power of fiber connectivity, which is quickly growing in availability.

Hybrid IT combines internal and external resources so you can maintain complete control of your platforms and enjoy the benefits of off-site resources, including performance and location. Instead of handling major computing resources on-site, you can control them from afar. These deployments are a melting pot of public and private clouds, colocation, and managed service providers, all geared towards your specific needs.

Benefits of Using a Hybrid IT Deployment

Customizable infrastructure and solutions: Instead of using a generic IT solution provided by an off-site provider, companies can pick and choose resources that will best enable them to achieve business objectives.

Cuts costs and boosts profits: Instead of making IT a big-time capital expenditure or a monthly cost, companies can look for ways to reduce expenses and turn IT into a profit-generating tool. Cloud providers often charge by a pay-per-use basis, which can also reduce your expenses.

Unlocks innovation: Cutting costs doesn’t just improve the agility of your business – it also gives your IT professionals the room they need to be creative and find-value driven solutions that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Competitive advantages: Instead of being held back by the limitations of on-site resources, companies can tailor-make their solutions to provide high-level services. The burstable computing resources available with a Hybrid IT deployment can provide service delivery speeds and continuity that surpasses that of an on-site deployment.

Bandwidth to Support Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT is the direction the industry is going. Finding the right fiber connectivity for your deployments can help, so be sure to use FiberLocator to get a view of fiber proliferation.

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