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Metro Fiber

Locating metro fiber routes can be a frustrating exercise. When you’ve got FiberLocator you can find fiber lines in minutes. You can login from anywhere, look up addresses, enter a latitude and longitude or search specific areas. FiberLocator will show you the fiber maps, on-net buildings and data centers all in an easy, layer-based online mapping platform.

Your single data source that is refreshed constantly by the carriers themselves as well as our research team. It’s our job to keep track of hundreds of carrier fiber network maps, over a million lit buildings records and thousands of data centers. We get updates from the providers, add new carriers to the database and continually update their lit building lists. Why search for metro fiber by individual carrier when you can find all providers and lit buildings in an area with one search?

Metro fiber maps are continually evolving, and as soon as you’ve requested one, chances are it’s outdated. Instead of making an individual

Metro fiber data from FiberLocator enables you to find the data you need quickly and streamline your workflow for better productivity and accuracy in your research. Whether you have a one-time project or an ongoing need for metro fiber routes and data, FiberLocator can help.

metro fiber

Our solutions range from single snapshots to online SaaS access to fully integrated APIs and custom instances. Get the data you need, your way, with FiberLocator.

“OK. I’m addicted to your tool. It’s great. Is it perfect? No. However, I don’t know how others do their job without it. I just wanted to thank you and your team. I sincerely appreciate it. Have a great holiday…

Rob Butler,
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