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Get the information you need in the format of your choice: single maps and lit building data, online access or data via an API.

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FiberLocator is the most trusted online database, used in a wide variety of industries by all kinds of professionals needing quick access to high quality fiber location information.

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Our research team continually updates data directly from providers and adds new fiber & lit building data weekly. FiberLocator features the best geo coding technology and up to date base maps from Google.

Your Trusted Source for High Quality Fiber Location Data

FiberLocator, a CCMI Business, gives you access to current data, including fiber maps, lit buildings and data centers. We have the telecom research information that’s difficult to find all in one place; data from more than 1,000 unique carriers and over a million lit buildings. Our team is continually researching, adding and integrating new data from providers and third parties. From well known national carriers to smaller out-of-the-way networks, we offer visual maps and telecom data for hundreds of fiber providers and thousands of carrier records and on-net buildings. Get the convenience of an online web mapping application or integrate our fiber data into your own GIS mapping application. Whether you need a map for a project today or access to the FiberLocator database for ongoing network planning and procurement needs, we have a solution for your business. 


  • eBay uses FiberLocator

“I have been using FiberLocator for a year and a half and have found it to be invaluable in providing high quality and comprehensive information about fiber routes and carriers that just isn’t available from any other single source. Every…

Michael Siteman, Commercial Real Estate Professional
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