Customer Referral Program

It’s easy to make $300 by referring a friend to FiberLocator!

For every person you refer that signs up for a new FiberLocator subscription, you’ll receive a $300 gift card and they’ll receive $300 off of their 12-month subscription cost. Contact your account manager today for referral details!

: To be eligible for participation in our customer referral program, you must be a current subscriber and the referred individual cannot be a current subscriber of FiberLocator. The referred individual must subscribe to a minimum of a 12-month subscription. Referral cannot be used to procure additional seats under an existing FiberLocator subscription.

  I wish I had known about this tool 5 years ago. In a few minutes, I am able to see data which would have taken hours to compile. It is one of those tools that makes me wonder how…

John A. Schwarze, Managing Partner
Converged Network Services Group - The Premier Master Agency for Connectivity, Cloud and Cloud Enablement!
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