New and Updated Fiber Maps – 12 Providers

Spring has come early for FiberLocator, with a host of updated maps and facilities! Currently, we have 268 unique carriers and 284 layers of data in our comprehensive database. This week we refreshed our system with new and updated carrier maps.

Here are the carriers with new metro maps in FiberLocator:

  • Cloudteria
  • PennREN
  • Phoenix Fiber Network
  • Viatel (International)

Here are the carriers with updated and verified correct maps in FiberLocator:

  • Arvig metro
  • Fiberlight metro
  • FiberLight long haul
  • NOVEC metro
  • Wilcon metro
  • Cross River Fiber metro
  • CapeNet metro
  • FirstLight metro

We also recently completed a Data Center update:
Total Data Center Listings: 3,013
Data Center Unique Addresses: 1,746

Current Lit Building numbers:
Total Number of Carrier Locations in Lit Buildings: 272,462
Unique Lit Building Addresses: 197,580

Users: Do you have a carrier or data center location in mind that you would like to see in FiberLocator? Please let us know!

Providers: Have you uploaded your most recent maps and data to FiberLocator? Simply submit your data to us and your fiber network will be in front of thousands of qualified prospects looking for connectivity every month. Have a lit building list or a data center you would like to submit? We’d love to add your information to FiberLocator.

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