Latest Update Pushes Database Past 260,000+ Lit Buildings

FiberLocator, the leading fiber infrastructure and colocation data source from NEF, announced the latest update to its lit building and carrier record data sets today. The new data pushed FiberLocator’s number of unique lit building addresses to 262,759 and its listing of carrier records to 324,515. Providers encompassed in the update include Axia, Charter, FirstLight, PEG Bandwidth, and Viatel. New additions to the database include Birch and CoastCom with nationwide list updates for Comcast, including the renaming of Comcast NE to Comcast.

Because FiberLocator is a widely-used research platform among network planners and decision makers, its data is continually refreshed to add new carrier information and gather up-to-date provider data. FiberLocator publishes updates every week, and the additions and updates are based on carrier submissions. User feedback is also utilized to locate new providers and better focus the company’s database maintenance efforts.

Steve McCarthy, Chief Architect of FiberLocator and COO of FiberLocator parent company NEF commented, “Adding new lit buildings and carriers to our database helps the FiberLocator community make better, information-driven choices. We always strive to keep our information up to date so all our users, whether they be enterprise customers, carriers, or commercial real estate professionals, can find the fiber-based services they need.”

FiberLocator data covers the U.S. and is currently accepting new provider maps, lit buildings, and data centers for inclusion in the database at no charge to carriers. To learn more about how to add carrier network maps and data centers in FiberLocator or to explore the FiberLocator solution set, visit or call 888-275-2264 today.

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