Internet Exchanges in FiberLocator

If you are a FiberLocator customer, you’ve probably noticed how exciting the last few months have been for the product. We’ve introduced the option for Cell Data, and also added a record-setting number of new maps and data sets. The good news is we aren’t stopping there, and we have a bunch of new innovative updates to announce!

Internet Exchanges

With the new update coming soon, there will be a few changes to the “Map Data” panel on your account. The Lit Buildings / Data Centers tab will be called “Connected Buildings,” and we are adding “Internet Exchanges” as a new feature. This new set will allow you to see where data is being shared between networks, and will even tell you which type of exchange the address holds. The Internet Exchanges, when selected, will show up as a red icon on your map, and clicking on the icon will reveal attributes about that specific exchange. We will have information available for 391 internet exchanges, as well as video, ethernet, and ad exchanges, with 220 distinct addresses.  


Making the Switch

Because of all of these exciting new changes, all users will have to make the move to FiberLocator 2.0. If you have been using 1.0, we have lots of helpful resources to help you get accustomed to the new version! You can find a blog post on our FiberLocator 2.0 FAQs here, and for any specific questions you have, you can always contact your account manager.

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