FiberLocator’s Carrier Records Zoom Past 500,000

This just in — we’ve got exciting news about FiberLocator’s carrier records!  In just three months, we’ve added over 140,000 lit building addresses, and the number of carrier records in our database has jumped from 370,000 to over 510,000. That’s right. We’re more than halfway to a million, and we’ll keep pushing forward until we break seven figures.

We’ve also raised the bar for unique lit building addresses, gaining over 100,000 in the last three months to push past 425,000. And that’s not all – three new carriers have submitted new lit building and carrier record data: CTS Telecom, Global Cloud Xchange and Texas Lone Star Network. These additions have pushed the number of unique carriers with lit building information in FiberLocator to 685. We’ve also been in contact with 34 carriers verifying and updating lit buildings and carrier records so you have the most up-to-date info.

34 Carriers Verified or Updated Their Listings

Adams Fiber

Alpheus Communications

Atlantech Online


Birch Communications

Bluebird Network


Cogent Communications

Consolidated Communications




Finger Lakes



Horizon Telcom

Hudson Fiber Network

Last Mile Solutions

Level 3



Oxford Networks




Southern Light

Spectrum Business

Summit IG



Verizon Business

XO Communications



“Why have a half a million carrier records when we can have… millions?” – Dr. Evil

Half a million carrier records is exciting, but we want to keep working to add more data to FiberLocator. If you have any suggestions for lit buildings to maps to add, submit your carrier info or contact our data team today.

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Michael Siteman, Commercial Real Estate Professional
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