FiberLocator Gets New Layers for Summer

Layers are all the rave this summer – and no, we’re not talking about fashion. We’re talking about data and map layers added to FiberLocator to start the summer! With our recent map updates, our FiberLocator database now has 307 unique layers of data – and we’d love to add even more to that.

We added four new maps during the month of June, pushing our total number of unique carriers to 276:

  • SBA Communications Corp
  • Axiom Fiber Networks
  • City of Kings Mountain, NC
  • Digital West Communications

An important part of our process is confirming and updating existing data in the FiberLocator database. This past month, our team verified and updated maps for 11 carriers:

Lightower Metro

A2D Incorporated



Last Mile Solutions

Lumos Networks

Atlantech Online

LightEdge Solutions

Colorado Communications Transport (CCT)

Lightower Leased




We have to say thanks to our FiberLocator community for their continued map layer and lit building suggestions. If you have maps and data sets you think would be a great fit for our database, we hope you’ll contact Karen Wiens. Just send along the name of the carrier or lit building, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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