FiberLocator Releases Summer Maps Update


FLO 2.0 Interface


It’s been a busy summer for FiberLocator. Our team updated 37 maps throughout the month of July to go along with a new addition to the database. Somehow, they also found time to enhance many of the existing maps and remove a few outdated ones. At last count, FiberLocator now has 306 unique carriers and 358 map layers.

July also rounded out a massive lit building push for FiberLocator. Eighteen on-net building lists were either added or updated over the course of June and July, growing FiberLocator’s lit building numbers to record levels.

FiberLocator’s map additions and updates for July:

New Maps:

  • Montana Internet Metro

Updated Maps:

  • Relined BV International – Metro
  • Cooperative Network Services (CNS) Metro
  • Mahaska Comm Group (MCG) Metro
  • United Fiber & Data Metro
  • Wilcon Dark
  • Wilcon Under Construction
  • Enlite Fiber by CEC Leased
  • Kansas Fiber Network Metro
  • Bluebird Metro
  • County – Arlington, VA Planned
  • County – Arlington, VA Under Construction
  • Southern Telecom Long Haul
  • Southern Telecom Proposed
  • Axiom Fiber Networks Metro
  • Northland Communications Metro
  • Red Silica Networks – International Metro
  • Enlite Fiber by CEC Planned
  • Cologix, Inc. Dark Fiber
  • Light Link Networks Metro
  • NuLine Partners Duct Only
  • RCN Metro
  • SDN Communications Metro
  • SDN Communications Metro Leased
  • C3BU (Columbia County Community Broadband Utility) Metro
  • Columbus Fibernet Metro
  • Arvig Metro
  • Wilcon Metro
  • Maine Fiber Company Metro
  • Atlantech Online Metro
  • Enlite Fiber by CEC Metro
  • Oxford Networks Metro
  • M2 Connections Metro
  • MaineCom Metro
  • Involta (name change from DRS) Metro
  • Silicon Valley Fiber (City of Santa Clara) Metro
  • Southern Telecom Metro
  • InnerCity FiberNet (ICFN) Metro

FiberLocator’s Lit Building Updates

Lit Building Lists for June:

  • 186 communications (new)
  • Atlantic Broadband (new)
  • Cogent
  • Fastmetrics (new)
  • Horizon
  • Level 3
  • Relined BV (new)
  • Sonic

Lit Building Lists for July:

  • InnerCity FiberNet (new)
  • Atlantech Online 
  • Wilcon
  • Axiom 
  • Hargray (new) 
  • Cogent 
  • Northland 
  • Hibernia 
  • Verizon – Titan 2 (new) 
  • Birch 

Lit Building Totals:

  • 496,000 lit building unique address records
  • 633,861 carrier records
  • 703 unique lit building carriers

Check in next month to see what new carrier info FiberLocator has for its users, and if you know of any data that should be added, let us know!

“Using the FiberLocator application has now become an integral part of our network design process and has been a key resource we use to quickly identify existing metro dark fiber. Beyond the point of identification, their fiber brokerage services team…

Vince Aragona, Engineering & Network Implementation
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