Fiber Maps and Lit Building Updates – Updates from December 2018

Welcome back, FiberLocator users! We ended 2018 with a great fourth quarter with 329 unique carriers for fiber maps and 394 map layers. Click here to see the latest and greatest FiberLocator numbers! 

New Maps:

Alluvion Communications Metro


Updated/Verified Maps:

PS Lightwave Metro
PennREN – KINBER Metro
Ritter Communications Metro
Utopia Metro


Updated/Verified Lit Buildings:

  • AT&T
  • Cogent
  • GasLINE
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Indian Nations Fiber
  • MetroNet Fiber
  • Ritter Communications

New Lit Buildings:

  • VTX Communications


Updated/Verified Data Centers:

  • Cogent

Additional Updates:

If you have data updates, such as fiber map and data information that you would like to share, please upload them via our submit data tool. For a demonstration on how to upload data, contact the FiberLocator Support Team at support@fiberlocator.com.  

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