Fiber Maps and Lit Building Updates – Updates from 1H 2019

Welcome back, FiberLocator members! The first half of 2019 has come to a close, and we’re hard at work gathering new maps and updating our current information to bring the most up to date, accurate information for our members.

As of July 2019, we’re up to 332 unique carriers, and a total of 399 map layers available within FiberLocator Online. Visit our Current Data page for more information on the data housed within FiberLocator!

We’ve added new maps from, Cobb EMC, DQE, ExteNet Systems, Metro Marine Fiber Networks, Phonoscope Fiber, Resurgence Infrastructure Group, Sonic Telecom and South Front Networks. We have also added new lit buildings and data centers from seven carriers.

In addition to all of the new data, we’ve made quite a few updates over the last few months as well. Take a look to see all of the updates we’ve implemented so far in 2019!

Updated/Verified Maps:

123Net metro, long haul
Alluvion Communications metro
Amplex Internet metro
Arch Fiber Networks metro
Ascenty international
Atlantic Broadband metro, metro – leased
Bluebird Network metro
C Spire metro
Casair metro
CCOFI metro
CEMC metro
City of Kings Mountain, NC metro
City of Renton WA metro
City of Sandy Springs, GA metro
Community Fiber Network metro
Consolidated Communications metro
Crown Castle metro
Direct Communications metro
District of N Vancouver International, international – duct only
Dobson Technologies metro
DQE metro, metro – planned
Easy Fibre international
Enlite Fiber metro, leased, metro – planned
Everstream metro
Fatbeam metro
Fibercast metro
G4S metro
Grande metro
Hargray metro
Hilliary Communications metro, long haul
Horizon Telcom metro
Hudson Fiber metro
InnerCity FiberNet metro
ITP Fiber metro
Kent Fiber Optic Systems – Dark metro
Logix Fiber Networks metro
Mahaska Comm Group metro
Maine Fiber Co metro
Maryland Broadband Coop metro
MCNC metro
MetroNet Fiber metro
Metronet Zing metro
Mid-Atlantic Broadband metro
Noel Communications metro, long haul
North Georgia Network metro
Northland Communications metro
NOVEC metro
Nutmeg Network metro
PennREN – KINBER metro
Pilot Fiber metro
Point to Point metro
PS Lightwave metro
RCN metro
Salsgiver Telecom metro
SDN Communications metro, metro – leased
Segra metro
Shentel metro
Sonic Telecom metro
South Front Networks metro
Southern Telecom metro
Summit IG metro
Syringa Networks metro, long haul – leased
Telia Carrier long haul, international
Unite Private Networks metro
Uniti metro
US Internet metro, metro – planned
Vast Networks metro
Wicked Bandwidth metro
Windstream long haul
ZenFi Networks metro, metro – planned
Zito Business metro

Updated/Verified Lit Buildings:

  • Ascenty
  • AT&T
  • Atlantech Online
  • Beanfield
  • C Spire
  • net
  • Cogent
  • Comcast
  • Consolidated Communications
  • Crown Castle
  • DQE
  • FirstLight
  • GasLINE
  • Georgia Transmission Corp
  • Grande
  • Hudson Fiber
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Independents Fiber Network
  • Indian Nations Fiber
  • InnerCity FiberNet
  • ITP Fiber
  • Logix Fiber Networks
  • Maine Fiber Co
  • MetroNet Fiber
  • Metronet Zing
  • Mid-Atlantic Broadband
  • Noel Communications
  • Northland Communications
  • Pilot Fiber
  • PS Lightwave
  • RCN
  • Segra
  • Sonic Telecom
  • Syringa Networks
  • Unite Private Networks
  • US Internet
  • Wicked Bandwidth
  • Zayo
  • ZenFi Networks

Updated/Verified Data Centers:

  • 1547 Realty
  • Axon Data Centers
  • Ayera Technologies
  • net
  • Cogent
  • CoreSite
  • Cross Connect Solutions
  • CyberLynk Network
  • Cyxtera
  • Digital Crossing Networks
  • Expedient
  • FirstLight
  • H5 Data Centers
  • Hudson Fiber
  • Huntleigh Technology Group
  • Hurricane Electric
  • QTS Data Centers
  • Steelvault
  • Taconic Investment Partners
  • Tierpoint
  • Unite Private Networks
  • Untangled Technology
  • US Signal
  • Vault Networks
  • Volico
  • Zayo
  • ZenFi

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