Fiber Maps and Lit Building Updates – November 2019

Welcome back, FiberLocator members! Even with the busy holiday season in full swing, the team has been hard at work verifying data, and adding information to our comprehensive platform. You can see the complete rundown of our data points on our Current Data page, and you can continue reading here to learn about updates we’ve made and the new data we added last month.

In November 2019, we added new fiber maps for Amplex Internet (metro – leased), and OSO Grande Technologies (metro). There are also new data centers from multiple providers! Additionally, you will find updated existing maps, lit buildings and data centers from multiple carriers.

Updated/Verified Maps:

Amplex Internet metro
Bluebird Network metro
C Spire metro
CCOFI metro
Colorado Communications Transport metro
Intelligent Fiber Network metro
Optic Communications metro
Point to Point metro
VinaKom Communications metro

Updated/Verified Lit Buildings:

C Spire
Indian Nations Fiber
Unite Private Networks

New Data Centers:

111 Town Square Place
Planet Networks
Sentinel Data Centers
The Brookfield Group
TSR Solutions

Updated/Verified Data Centers:
Colo Solutions
Data Center West
Lifeline Data Centers
Mainstream Technologies
Metanet Hosting
Millennium Systems
TRG Datacenters
Unite Private Networks

We love seeing so many updates in one month! If you provide your fiber data for us (or want to) and have any updates, let us know. Contact us at for more information on how to submit or update your data to be visible to FiberLocator members.

Alternatively, if you are a FiberLocator customer, please take a few minutes to provide feedback so we can continue improving our data and product offerings, and let us know what data you’d like to see within the platform.

I don’t know how I lived without FiberLocator.  Between the lit building lists and the fiber maps, I can see everything I need to see very quickly, and I use it every day.  I can’t imagine not using it now,…

John-Paul Court,
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