Fiber Maps and Lit Building Updates – December 2019

Happy New Year, FiberLocator members! We hope everyone is starting out the new year happy and healthy. Throughout the month of December, our team continued to work with our partners to ensure the FiberLocator information repository is up to date and accurate. We also added new lit building information from Telia Carrier!

You can see the high-level overview of the FiberLocator data on our Current Data page. Continue reading below to learn about updates we made in December 2019.

December 2019 Updated/Verified Maps:

Consolidated Telephone Co metro
Direct Communications metro
District of N Vancouver international
District of N Vancouver – Duct Only international
Southern Telecom metro
Southern Telecom metro proposed
Southern Telecom long haul
Unite Private Networks metro

December 2019 Updated/Verified Lit Buildings:

Iris Networks
Southern Telecom
Unite Private Networks

December 2019 Updated/Verified Data Centers:

Digital Realty
Indian Nations Fiber
Unite Private Networks

Thank you to everyone who provided new data and data updates to FiberLocator last month! If you provide your information to us and have any updates-or you want to add your telecom information to the FiberLocator database-let us know. Contact us at support@fiberlocator.com for more information on how to submit or update your data so our members can find you in the platform.

Alternatively, if you are a FiberLocator customer, please take a few minutes to provide feedback so we can continue improving our data and product offerings, and let us know what data you’d like to see within the platform.

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