December Map Updates

fiber-optic-christmas-treeHappy December, everyone!  We’re excited to say that in addition to gathering heaps of new map data every month, our development team has been working on some new application developments that we’ll be rolling out later this month.  Get ready to “peer” into lit building layer enhancements!



During November, our data collection team received the following new maps:


Atlantic Fiber Network  Metro
FiberCast Metro
Holland Board of Public Works Metro


The following maps were updated or verified during the month of November:


Bluebird Leased
Bluebird Metro
Conterra Metro
Conterra Under Construction
Finger Lakes Technologies Group (FLTG) Metro
M2 Communications Metro
NTS Communications Metro
Salsgiver Telecom Metro
Shentel Metro
Vast Broadband Metro
WOW! Business Planned
WOW! Business Metro


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Chris Palermo, President and CEO
Global Communication Networks
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