December Data Updates

The holidays are in full swing bringing cheer and new data updates for FiberLocator! This month, our Carrier Spotlight is on Comcast Business. We recently updated our database with a brand new Comcast lit building list. After uploading their new information, along with the help of other carriers, our database now includes 328 unique carriers for fiber maps with 393 map layers and over 970,000 lit building unique address records! Be sure to check out our most recent data stats here, and check back often for more updates.

Comcast Business Logo

Carrier Spotlight on Comcast Business:

Comcast Business, a unit of Comcast Cable, provides advanced communication solutions to help organizations of all sizes meet their business objectives. Through a modern, converged fiber-rich network that is backed by 24/7 technical support, Comcast delivers Business Internet, Ethernet, TV and a full portfolio of Voice services for cost-effective, simplified communications management.

The Comcast Business Solutions Provider Program is a comprehensive Indirect Channel program that enables sales partners to sell a full line of small and mid-market business products from Comcast. Comcast Business Solutions Providers are able to diversify their portfolio while providing a valuable alternative solution to traditional Telco carriers.

New Maps:

Uniti Fiber

Under Construction

Updated Maps:

Finger Lakes Technologies Group (FTLG)


Involta (formerly DRS)


Sonic Telecom


Stratus Networks


Sunset Digital Communications


Syringa Networks

Long Haul Leased

Syringa Networks


Uniti Fiber*

Dark Metro



*The updated Uniti Fiber maps include what was Hunt Telecom, Southern Light, PEG Bandwidth and Tower Cloud.

New Lit Building List:


Updated Building Lists:

  • Dark Fiber Systems, Inc.

If you have data updates, such as fiber map and data information that you would like to share, please upload them via our submit data tool. For a demonstration on how to upload data, contact the FiberLocator Support Team at support@www.fiberlocator.com.  

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