FiberLocator Data Updates

Fiber Maps and Lit Building Updates – First Quarter

Happy Spring, FiberLocator users! We’ve just wrapped up a great first quarter and are excited to share our progress with you. In addition to 22 Lit Building updates, we’ve also updated 46 fiber maps, and added 4! Did we mention that we are back over a million carrier records for lit buildings?  

December Data Updates

The holidays are in full swing bringing cheer and new data updates for FiberLocator! This month our Carrier Spotlight is on Comcast Bushiness, we recently updated our database with a new list that they provided us. After uploading their new information, along with the help of other carriers, our database now includes 328 unique carriers for fiber maps with 393 map layers and over 970,000 lit building unique address records! Be sure to check out our most recent data stats here, and check back often for more updates.

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Fall Data Updates

The fall season has brought chilly temperatures and new data updates for FiberLocator. Carriers, be sure to use our submit data tool to share fiber map and data center information with the FiberLocator team. There is never a charge! For…

July Data Updates

Summer is in full swing, which means new FiberLocator data updates. July was an exciting month so far for FiberLocator as we transitioned to our new parent company, CCMI. We currently have 327 unique carriers for fiber maps and 391 layers.…

June Data Updates

It is almost summer, FiberLocator users! We are excited to finally welcome the warm weather, and with it some exciting FiberLocator data updates. Our team works hard to always be adding new information to our database, so make sure to…

May Lit Building Update

Happy May, FiberLocator users! This post is a little different than our other Lit Building posts, but that is because we have so much new information to update amid mergers and acquisitions in the industry and new data centers popping…

“CFN’s focus from the start has been to improve connectivity and promote competitive broadband for the Central Ohio region. Publishing our asset maps and data in FiberLocator is a critical way we raise visibility for this network and let others…

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