FiberLocator Data Updates

Fiber maps and lit building updates

Latest Update Pushes Database Past 260,000+ Lit Buildings

FiberLocator, the leading fiber infrastructure and colocation data source from NEF, announced the latest update to its lit building and carrier record data sets today. The new data pushed FiberLocator’s number of unique lit building addresses to 262,759 and its…

Fiber maps and lit building updates

270 Fiber Providers and Counting

The data team at FiberLocator never sleeps. Okay, well, maybe they do, but their tireless efforts on adding new fiber providers can be seen in the continual addition of new data sets. In fact, FiberLocator has just topped 270 unique…

Fiber maps and lit building updates

New and Updated Fiber Maps – 12 Providers

Spring has come early for FiberLocator, with a host of updated maps and facilities! Currently, we have 268 unique carriers and 284 layers of data in our comprehensive database. This week we refreshed our system with new and updated carrier…

Fiber maps and lit building updates

New and Updated Maps – 20 Providers

Map updates were pushed live today. The following carriers were added or updated: Atlantech Online, Inc Comporium EarthLink Expedient Fibrenoire Genesis Giglinx GTT ICTX ICTX WaveMedia Indiana Fiber Network, LLC ION Communications Lightpath LIT Networks Lumos Networks Noel Communications, Inc…

Mission: Impossible

Certain Maps are Mission: Impossible

Why the phone and local cable company fiber assets aren’t published anywhere. We’ve all seen Mission Impossible where the highly talented group of spooks led by Tom Cruise has to break into the CIA’s most impenetrable vault. That is child’s…

Fiber maps and lit building updates

New and Updated Maps – 9 Providers

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow! FiberLocator continues to grow this holiday season by adding new carriers and updating current carrier data. If you would like to see data about a carrier we don’t yet track, let…

“At Global Communication Networks, knowledge and strategy is key when doing projects for the worlds largest companies. FiberLocator has been the best tool we have to show us where the On Net and “Close Net” fiber is. We have won…

Chris Palermo, President and CEO
Global Communication Networks
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