Astound Business Solutions is in the Carrier Spotlight

Fiber Maps and Lit Building Updates – April 2022

The FiberLocator team has been researching and working hard all month to bring you the latest fiber maps and lit building updates. As a result, we are proud and delighted to announce April’s data update along with our next carrier spotlight with Astound Business Solutions!

Astound Business Solutions

Some of our largest networks have merged under a new name: RCN, Grande, Wave & WOW! Business are now Astound!

Astound Business Solutions delivers competitive fiber infrastructure services in eight of the top ten largest metro areas throughout the United States. They provide industry-leading internet, communications, connectivity, and fiber infrastructure solutions with diverse routes and an extensive, ever-growing list of on-net buildings from metro to underserved areas.

Please note, to all of our members, you can still find the individual networks by searching for them, and in the coming months those will be fully merged into Astound.


New Maps:

Astound Metro
Windstream Dark


Updated/Verified Maps:

Arelion (formerly known as Telia Carrier) Metro, International, Long Haul
Carroll County Govt Metro
Community Fiber Network Metro
Dakota Carrier Network Metro
DANC Metro
DellTelephone – Delcom Metro
DNA Communications Metro
Dobson Fiber Metro
Empire Access Metro
FiberCast Metro
GVTC Metro
Independents Fiber Network Metro
Kent Fiber Optics Metro
Logix Fiber Networks Metro
LS Networks Metro
Pilot Fiber International
Ritter Communications Metro
Syringa Networks Metro, Long Haul, Leased
Unite Private Networks Metro
Vexus Fiber Metro
Windstream Metro, Long Haul


Updated/Verified Lit Buildings:

  • Arelion
  • Comcast
  • Crown Castle
  • Empire Access
  • GVTC
  • LS Networks
  • OPTK Networks
  • Pilot Fiber
  • Ritter Communications
  • SDN Communications
  • Skywire
  • Syringa
  • Unite Private Networks
  • Windstream


Updated/Verified Data Centers:

  • AcroNOC
  • Amanah Tech
  • Equinix Data Centers
  • Lunavi
  • McAllen DCs (MDC)
  • OneNeck
  • RATP Connect
  • SteelVault Data Centers
  • Taiwan Mobile
  • Vault Networks
  • Vazata
  • Volico

It’s always a pleasure to receive so many new and updated records from our carrier partners! Thank you to everyone who have provided us with data and updates in the past and to continue to do so. 

Do you want to see your data in FiberLocator?  We do too!

Your fiber maps updates and lit building data is so vital for FiberLocator in its continued progression as the reliable source everyone depends on.  If you are a telecom carrier, we’d love to add your data to FiberLocator. Contact us at for more information on how to submit or update your data so our members can find your information in FiberLocator. 

Members, if you have a few moments, we would love to hear from you! Let us know if there is any data that you’d like to see within the platform. Please take a few minutes to provide feedback so we can continuously improve our product. This helps us to know where to focus our efforts provide the best experience possible.

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